Monday, October 19, 2009

Loving this time of year!!

Hi Friends, hope that you are having a wonderful day! It rained this morning and so it is so nice and fresh-smelling outside.  In the classroom today we had 10 out of 19 Kindergarteners out sick with the flu.  Oh no!  In the classroom next door, 7 Kinders were out with the flu.  It is definitely going around.  I don't want to get it.  This weekend is an important one because we have family coming in from Texas to celebrate my grandmas 95th birthday and my brothers 47th.  This last weekend was a sad one for us as one of our dear friends lost her dad to a sudden brain hemmorage and died within 24 hours.  The funeral was this past Sat.  Church on Saturday night was awesome, and once again we left there with a real sense of the presence of God in our lives.  Yesterday I got to watch my favorite home renovation shows on HGTV.  I especially like "The Unsellables".  I love the way they stage houses that previously haven't sold.  Her tips are wonderful.  Well, can't wait for Donny tonight on "Dancing with the Stars."  He is doing great!!.  Happy Monday everybody!!

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