Thursday, November 10, 2011

Treasured Heirlooms

Yesterday was a very special day for me!  I love old heirlooms AND  bibles, so I was SO excited when my husband came home from a visit to my mother-in-law's home  and brought back with him some old family bibles.  Inside of one of the old bibles (third picture from top) was an old Billy Graham tract, old obituaries taken from a local paper, an old flower, and my husband's birth announcement (second pic from top).  This bible was from Britain, the front page being dedicated to His Majesty, King James' Church of England. It belonged to my husband's Great Grandma (Nana).  My Mother-In-Law, Joan, also sent my son an old Music Book (copyright 1914) & my daughter an old  white bible from her Grandma . One of the little black bibles shown in picture #1  belonged to my Father-In-Law, Lyle, and has his baptismal  certificate located inside the back cover.  My passion in life is first and foremost my relationship with God and then my family.  So combining the two.... with the gift of  "family bibles" is an absolute ultimate treasure to me. Thank you Joan!!!!

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