Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Taking Tea…..

This is my tea maker……..
This is my favorite tea.  I purchased this tea  in Victoria, British Columbia, at The Empress Hotel.  It is, by far, the best tea I’ve ever tasted.  My husband and I had “high tea” at The Empress.  It was definitely one of the highlights of  my life!
This is a picture of my husband and I have tea at the Empress

This container holds my other favorite tea- “Wild Alaskan Berry “. I purchased this tea while on our cruise to Alaska.  The tea came in a boring paper bag, so of course I had to “dress it up”.  I had this tin leftover  from another tea that I had.  I never throw anything away, so when it came time to find a special holder for my “Wild Alaskan Berry” tea, I got this tin out and “gussied it up a bit”.  I added a piece of jewelry to the top and added twine around the center.  Better than a paper bag in my opinion!  lol. 

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