Friday, February 3, 2012

Today I am in a crafty mood.  Not that I will actually do any of these projects today, but I am storing them "in the idea" file for the near future.  I have made bulletin boards before, but I love the idea of drawer pulls for holding earrings.  I have never considered spray painting light bulbs through lace.  I can just see the eyeballs rolling when my family sees the spray paint cans coming out.  I have a reputation of loving to spray paint.  Lastly, the chicken wire on pastel-painted frames is such a great idea.  I have seen chicken wire used to make jewelry holders, but the clothespins make it a cute bulletin board.  I hope you are inspired to craft today. I like these crafts because I have a lot of the materials around the house (okay...maybe not chicken wire! lol).  TGIF!

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