Friday, May 4, 2012

I’m back………

Hi, I'm sorry that I haven’t posted since March.  My health took a turn for the worse with all of our rainy weather. I just couldn’t bring myself to write or do any projects because I was so stiff & in pain.  Some days I couldn’t even move.  lol..  darn that Fibromyalgia.

Now, anybody that knows me knows that I have to be pretty sick to not have any projects in the works.

I received an IPAD for my birthday in March. I have had such a fun time with it!! The apps are endless. I have learned sign language, astronomy, how to draw and much more.  I honestly got it, hoping to do my blogging on it.  But…for me, the keyboard is just too inconvenient (too small) for blogging.  So, for now, I will stick with my trusty desk-top computer.
Here is a picture of my new IPAD:
Ain’t she pretty?  lol….. There are so many reasons that I love it, but for the most part I love it because it is fast and I enjoy using it more than my old, slow, dinosaur-like” computer. lol.

I was only able to complete two projects recently…the first one is kind of weird so bear with me…….There is an old Army base not too far from us.  It was used for the Calvary, WWII, Korean and  the Vietnam Wars.  When they closed the base  in the 90’s, the miles and miles of barracks/housing lay untouched.  Then the government tried to clean the base up to convert it into residential homes.  Removing the asbestos and leaded paint used on all the structures proved far more expensive to do than previously thought, so everything was abandoned.  And that is how it lies today.  Power poles lay on their sides,  door are removed, the housing units/barracks remain almost untouched…a lot of furniture still remains in the homes.  As we were driving through, we noticed an old piece of wood in the street.  My husband stopped the car to  pick it up for me and said very sweetly “you can turn this into something, can’t you?”  How cute.  With his help, I added hooks and turned it into a jewelry holder for my room. The stories it would tell if it could…  I hope it doesn’t have too much asbestos or leaded paint on it.  The jewelry doesn’t touch it, I make sure of that.
Here is a picture:
I know that it doesn’t look like much, but I love its extreme “shabbiness”.  lol.

The other project that I finished this week was the painting of a birdhouse for my bedroom.  Yes, I changed my accent color in my bedroom again….The nice thing about having a “neutral” color in my bedroom is that I can change the accent color and have fun doing it! This “month” I added fuscia pink and bright green to the bedroom for a “splash of Spring” .  I  painted another birdhouse as well for the other round table, added flowers, a candle holder and made a couple of pillows. Voila! Please excuse the clock radio and sound machine-they are my hubbies “must-haves” but they aren’t cute. lol
just birdhouse
DSCN8718left side of bed vignettepillows
So, it brightened up the room a little.   I hope that you have a fabulous weekend.  The weather should be warming up here quite drastically this weekend and from here on out I hope it remains warm…My body and I hope that the “rainy season” is over for now. Fibromyalgia and rain are a ugly combination.  I looked like a 102 year old woman getting out of bed in the morning! lol
TGIF.  Make it a great one!

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