Thursday, October 20, 2011


The pictures above were brought to me by my parents today.  Isn't that sooooo kind?  They really lifted my spirits.  They brought them over to cheer me up because I have been in so much pain from the Fibromyalgia lately.   I barely make it out of bed in the morning.  I'm SO stiff, I feel like I'm 90 instead of 50! lol.... The pain in my chest and shoulders just throb all day with no relief.  But, I know that God is holding onto me and that's what gets me through each day!  Thank you mom and dad- you are SO sweet!!  They also gave me an amazing candle.  It smells just like the real thing, but is a battery-operated model with a timer.  It stays on 5 hours and then goes off automatically.  It has a flickering "flame" so it looks so real.  It will go on at the same time the next day and go off 5 hours later.  Cool huh?  I think so!  No craft projects today- not up to it. On the "up side" the weather here today is my all-time favorite!!  It is a clear blue-sky  day with a temp of about 72 degrees.  PERFECT!!  So excited about my grandma and brother Mike's birthday party tomorrow My grandma will be 97 and my brother will be 49.  What a celebration it will be!

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