Sunday, October 2, 2011


Good Afternoon!  Today I opened the last of my 7 presents from the Joy Box that the wonderful ladies at my church gave me last Sunday.  The first day I opened a candle (pictured) that looks like a jar of parmesan cheese, even has the holes in the top just like a regular cheese dispenser.  The second day I opened a box, not just any box, but a "willow tree" wooden box with an engraving inside which says "An embrace of comfort and love".  The lady on the front is cuddling a cat, of which I have two that I love.  The third day I received a metal "springy  lady".  It is so cute and she hangs from a spring so that she moves all around when you hang her up.  The fourth day I received an awesome organizer with a magnetic opening which is just what I needed.  The Fifth day I received a pretty mug with the words "faith" inscribed on the front.  The sixth day I received a great book on trusting God in difficult times.  Today, was such a huge shock....I opened a very large box to find a beautiful, and very soft hand-made blanket.  I was so touched.  It will provide a lot of comfort on those painful days. What a blessing this week has been, opening up a gift everyday and a card everyday that said just the right thing for that particular day.  Thank you ladies of the "Joy Box" ministry!!  You are such a blessing!!! Have a great Sunday! 

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