Thursday, January 26, 2012


Good Afternoon!  I wanted to share these fleece blankets that I made for my nieces and nephews for Christmas.   I also made one for my dad (pictured above with his blanket).  He is a veteren of the Marines, so I loved that I could find fleece with the Marine emblem and the saying "once a Marine, always a Marine".  So true!!   My nephews love sports, so I made them blankets with sports themes.  My neice Courtney(the youngest one pictured) LOVES horses,so she got a horse blanket.  I even made her a fleece pillow to match.  I made a vollyball fleece blanket for my niece Brooke, because she plays on her High School's vollyball team.  My daughter got a blanket with cats on it because she adores cats. My son (who is 26 years old) didn't cooperate for the photo, so he is not shown with his. His was done in Camoflag(sp?) colors.  All in all, I was bent over my sewing machine for weeks it seemed like.  I've been told by my nieces and nephews how much they use the blankets, all the work paid off- Yay!

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