Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Using the work of environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy as a metaphor, this poem reflects upon God's pleasure and forbearance in completing the good work He began in us (Phil 1:6).  Goldsworthy creates masterful artwork out of found objects from nature-an arch made entirely of icicles, a mosaic of flower petals and leaves on the ground, and twigs balancing over the surface of a lake, to name a few.  If a new creation collapses before it is finished, Goldsworthy begins again, reconstructing in much the same way the God handles our own failings-patiently laboring until the work is perfected.
I found this poem today and it fit my health situation perfectly.  I have felt very near the edge of collapse, physically,since this past Saturday.  On Saturday, we had our first rain storm of the season.  It was also my first rain storm since my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia last Sept. I had been warned that the change in barametric pressure could affect my Fibro, but I had no idea to what extent until Saturday when I felt as if a Mack Truck had run me over.  I hope and pray that God is, as the poem says, planning to rebuild my body, readying it for a new resilience.  I like how the poem ends, as well...."breathe" .  I find that ironic, since the very thing that I need to work on in managing my pain is "breathing". Breathing is tricky when you're in chronic pain, I find myself in so much muscular pain that I'm actually holding my breath because for a few seconds I feel some relief. I know that inhaling and exhaling don't seem like a big deal, but if your body is wracked with pain, even breathing can hurt.  So.....I need to learn how to breathe.  "Ahhhhh....there" I'm practicing already. Have a great day!

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