Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hi Fellow blogger friends!  Excuse my absence.... I had a major painting project to complete and it took much, much  longer than I had anticipated. It took me so long because I have been experiencing some health problems. My formerly black furniture got a "make-over". Now they are a creamy ivory. The black furniture was part of my "French-Country" decor.  But now I am looking for a more "Shabby Chic" feel.  I used Annie Sloan's chalk paint.  I purchased the paint because of the claim that a primer wasn't needed. That wasn't my experience however...I was painting, afterall, black furniture.  I could tell that I would be using lots more of the slightly-expensive paint unless I used a white primer.  So that is what I ended up doing and it worked out much better.  My curio cabinet was so difficult because of all the prep work due to so much beveled glass.  The project required lots of "frog tape".  I prefer the lighter look of the furniture to the the black.  The color is a very tranquil one to me. I will be sharing the special family heirlooms contained inside the curio cabinet within the next few days.  Have a great day!

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