Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hi all!  It was cold outside today so I completed some projects that I have been putting off for awhile.  I am happy with 2 out of the 3! The first project involved “tinting” Mason jars. 


From left to right here are the colors of the jars: green, yellow, pink, blue & purple.  They are much lighter than I expected.  The instructions said to add food coloring ( I think I needed more than I used which was 1-2 drops) to 1 Tbsp water.  Then to this add 2 Tbsp of Gloss Modge Podge.  Stir.  Then carefully spin the jar around, coating the inside of the glass and pouring excess into bowl.  Then place jar upside down on paper bag to dry for 30 min. Then place upside face-down in warm (low) oven for 10 min.  Then flip jar and heat for another 20 min. If you still have streaks, then heat for 10-15 min. or until streaks disappear. 

Then, when I had let them dry, I decided to use them out in the backyard as solar lamps.


I had some solar lights that I wasn’t using, so I removed the top and placed them on the jars.  I have used these before and they work great in the yard.

As far as making the tinted jars again, I would make sure that I added more food coloring to see if that improved the intensity of the color.


I also covered a couple of  IKEA potted flowers with more of my favorite burlap ribbon.  I just covered the outside with lots of Modge Podge and layed on the ribbon



So sorry for the poor picture quality in the bottom picture.  I took it tonight and the lighting is awful. Sad smile


I also “made-over” a wooden box that I had laying around….


This is the front…..


This is the back… I spray painted the wooden box/carrier Rustoleum’s Heirloom White.  I added some burlap to the handle.  I had a yard ornament in the backyard that I disassembled  and added to the front (welcome) and the back (butterfly).  The final touch was adding my two favorite “aqua” mason jars.  They hold some flowers from the garden. 

Sometimes “staying in” because of cold weather works out well!!

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