Thursday, March 8, 2012

10 Things I love about you...

I would like to dedicate the following "10 Things I Love About You" to my husband Kevin.  We just celebrated our 30th anniversary.  I thought that I had  always appreciated everything that Kevin  had done for me , but it wasn't until this year that I REALLY had a new perscpective on  his love and committment.  My health has been poor in the past year and Kevin has been there for me every step of the way.  He has stepped in "big time".  He has never complained about listening to my list of aches and pains. He has helped me get dressed when I need assistance.   He accompanied me to  every single Dr. appointment  (shoulder surgeon) from Jan 2011 until Oct. 2011. He entertained me with his recollection of funny Jerry Seinfeld and Steve Martin jokes.  I love you Kevin, and thank you for  walking alongside me during this  difficult period in my life.  The following is a list of 10 things that I love about you.  You rock!

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  1. Thank you Deb for the very kind words. You are loved and adored. Kev