Thursday, March 1, 2012

A heart-shaped rock, kitchen knife, ballpoint pen, straws, & 2 bottles of wine……..

heart rock

Hi all!  I’m still coming down from my “vacation high” so the “creative juices”  have not been flowing properly yet.  Sorry, no project pictures today.  lol…  I spent a significant time yesterday on Picnik (boy am I going to really miss editing my photos in Picnik!!!).  I was editing our vacation photos.  It was fun, but very time-consuming. I wish that I had the self-control to just leave them alone, but I don’t.  lol.. The above picture was taken on the beach in Monterey.  I found this heart-shaped rock on the beach and picked it up because I thought it was so appropriate to find on my “anniversary”.  A few editing “tweaks” and “voila” it is a fun picture that will remind me of our trip and the fun time I had “combing” the ocean for treasures (shells).  One of the funniest pictures I edited  showed a wine bottle, two straws, a ballpoint pen, and a metal knife.  The story goes like this…..when my husband and I checked into our hotel, we were welcomed with two nice bottles of wine. We were impressed….  The only problem was that the hotel had no bottle openers, so the inn-keeper offered us the infamous “openers” shown in the picture below .  He said “I know, it’s ghetto, but it will work, trust me.”  He also said “ it’s easy….place the ballpoint pen face-down. Knock on it a few times with the knife until the pen goes all the way through the cork.  Then insert the straws, tip and pour.”  I know I looked at him with an expression that said “really, really?” But I couldn’t help it.  It was so absurd that as soon as we got out the door, my husband Kevin and I burst out into uncontrollable laughter.  It will be a funny memory for a long time. wine in cannery row inn

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